School and Coronavirus Updates





Parent Compact 2021-2022

ECRA Title I Parent Involvement Policy 21-22_revised 5.28.21


Family Newsletter 3.18.22

Family Newsletter 3.18.22_Spanish

School Aged P-EBT FAQ 03.08.2022 English


Explora Family Night

ECRA Vision screening flyer_English

ECRA Vision screening flyer_Spanish

Kids Cook Family Night_English

Kids Cook Family Night_Spanish

Early Literacy Guides for Families_English

Early Literacy Guides for Families_Spanish




































Family Newsletter 2.12.21
Family Newsletter 2.12.21_Spanish

Family Newsletter 2.5.21
Family Newsletter 2.5.21_Spanish


Family Newsletter_1.29.21
Family Newsletter_1.29.21_Spanish

Secondary Afterschool Clubs Flyer 2021
Secondary Afterschool Clubs Flyer 2021_Spanish

Family Newsletter 1.22.21
Family Newsletter 1.22.21_Spanish

ECRA CEP Letter to Families_English/Spanish

GKC Virtual Classroom Checklist_English
GKC Virtual Classroom Checklist_Spanish

Family Newsletter 1.15.21
Family Newsletter 1.15.21_Spanish

Parent Workshop Flyer
Parent Workshop Flyer_Spanish

Family Newsletter_1.8.21
Family Newsletter_1.8.21_Spanish

Family Update_12.31.20
Family Update_12.31.20_Spanish

Family Resource Packet
Family Resource Packet (Espanol)

Family Newsletter_12.18.20
Family Newsletter_12.18.20_Spanish


Family Newsletter_12.11.20
Family Newsletter_12.11.20_Spanish

Family Newsletter_12.4.20
Family Newsletter_12.4.20_Spanish

Family Newsletter_11.20.20
Family Newsletter_11.20.20_Spanish

Family Newsletter_11.13.20
Family Newsletter_11.13.20_Spanish

Pie & Punch
Pie & Punch_Spanish

Math and Science Night Flyer
Math and Science Night Flyer_Spanish

Family Newsletter_11.6.20
Family Newsletter_11.6.20_Spanish

Family Newsletter_10.30.20
Family Newsletter_10.30.20_Spanish

Family Newsletter_10.16.20
Family Newsletter_10.16.20_Spanish

Family Newsletter_10.9.20
Family Newsletter_10.9.20_Spanish

Parent Compact 2020-2021

ECRA Title I Parent Involvement Policy 20-21

Family Newsletter_10.2.20
Family Newsletter_10.2.20_Spanish

P EBT FAQ_English
P-EBT FAQ_Spanish

Family Update_9.25.20
Family Update_9.25.20_Spanish

Family Newsletter_9.18.20
Family Newsletter_9.18.20_Spanish

Family Newsletter_9.11.20
Family Newsletter_9.11.20_Spanish

Student Handbook 2020-2020

Family Newsletter_9.4.20
Family Newsletter_9.4.20_Spanish

Family Newsletter_8.28.20
Family Newsletter_8.28.20_Spanish

ECRA Shirt Order Information

Materials Pickup for Families
Materials Pickup for Families_Spanish

Family Newsletter_8.7.20
Family Newsletter_8.7.20_Spanish

ECRA Days Off Calendar 2020-2021

Family Newsletter_7.31.20
Family Newsletter_7.31.20_Spanish

SUPPLY LISTS 2020-2021

Family Letter 7.24.20
Family Letter 7.24.20_Spanish

Student Internet Acceptable Use Policy

August Parent Calendar
August Parent Calendar_Spanish

Letter to ECRA Families_7.15.20
Letter to ECRA Families_7.15.20_Spanish

ECRA Re-Entry Plan – Elementary
ECRA Re-Entry Plan-Elementary_Spanish

ECRA Re-Entry Plan – Secondary
ECRA Re-Entry Plan-Secondary_Spanish

Family Update_6.26.20
Family Update_6.26.20_Spanish

Family Update_6.19.20
Family Update_6.19.20_Spanish

Family Newsletter_6.12.20
Family Newsletter_6.12.20_Spanish

Family Newsletter_6.5.20
Family Newsletter_6.5.20_Spanish

Family Newsletter_5.29.20
Family Newsletter_5.29.20_Spanish

Family Newsletter_5.22.20
Family Newsletter_5.22.20_Spanish

Family Newsletter_5.15.20
Family Newsletter_5.15.20_Spanish

Family Newsletter_5.8.20
Family Newsletter_5.8.20_Spanish

STEM Activities-English & Spanish


Family Newsletter_5.1.20
Family Newsletter_5.1.20_Spanish

NM Health Coverage Options (English)
NM Health Coverage Options (Español)

Budget Meeting Flyer
Budget Meeting Flyer_Spanish

Family Newsletter_4.24.20
Family Newsletter_4.24.20_Spanish

Title I Meeting Invite & Agenda_4.20.20

Family Newsletter_4.17.20
Family Newsletter_4.17.20_Spanish

Newsletter to Families_4.10.20
Newsletter to Families_4.10.20_Spanish 

Newsletter to Families_4.4.20
Newsletter to Families_4.4.20_Spanish

Letter to Families- March 27, 2020
Letter to Families- March 27, 2020_Spanish

Letter to Families- March 18, 2020
Letter to Families- March 18, 2020_Spanish

Letter to ECRA Families 3-13-20 
Letter to Families-Spanish 3.14.20

NASP- Talking to Children about Coronavirus
Hablando con niños sobre COVID-19

ECED Childcare Update News Release

Coronavirus Health Hotline

Please use this number if you have HEALTH related questions about the Coronavirus: 1-855-600-3453

Coronavirus Information Hotline

Please use this number if you have questions about school closures, job issues etc.:   1-833-551-0518

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